Why you should invest in mobile app development 

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mobile app development 
mobile app development 
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Creating a mobile app for your audience and customers is another step towards your business’s success. 

Outstanding mobile app development requires two essential ingredients: premium user experience and powerful backend technology. 

When you’re designing your app, your users’ experience should always be front of mind, followed by the functionality and design of the app. Consider also what value your app is providing to its users and make sure the purpose is clear. 

You should invest in mobile app development because people spend huge amounts of time on their phones each day, and you can meet your customers where they are with a beautifully designed, functional app. 

What are the types of mobile app development?

There are 3 main types of mobile apps: 

  1. Native apps: are designed to be used on only one operating system (like Apple or Android). They can be highly customised and perform faster but they are costly to maintain and use up storage on a user’s device. 
  2. Mobile web apps: these apps can only be used on a web browser, they’re quick to develop and easy to maintain but their features may not be consistent across all devices. 
  3. Hybrid apps: these are designed to look like native apps and can be used on any operating system. They are cheaper to build and have quicker loading times but they are less customisable. 

Most customers are shopping on apps 

While there’s millions of people shopping online each day, most people also spend up to 8 hours a day on their phones – sometimes more. Investing in mobile app development is a great way to provide your potential customers with an easy and attractive way to shop your products and will increase your business’ sales and profitability. 

Mobile app development leads to a better customer experience 

Offering customers another way to browse your products and services helps to streamline their experience with your brand. As potential customers can conveniently browse your app through their mobile or tablet (rather than using their desktop and web browser) you will reach more customers through your app. 

Mobile app development makes it easier for your customers to shop with you 

Mobile apps make it easier for your customers to shop with you because: 

  • Apps load one and a half times faster than desktops and mobile websites
  • Apps run five times faster than websites 
  • Apps are functional even when offline 

When you invest in mobile app development, it means customers can browse seamlessly and purchase easily, at any time even if they don’t have access to the internet. 

Mobile app development has endless options – for you and your customers 

Apps are customisable and the benefits of this customisation are twofold. Firstly, your customers are able to set their preferences for what they want to see on your app and what they like best. Secondly, this information provides you as a business with opportunities to target customers based on these preferences and favourites. 

Mobile app development is an investment in your online business’ success and Blurn offers a range of options. Visit their website today: https://blurn.com/au/ 

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