Loose Diamonds Online: A Guide to Buy the Perfect Gem

By Ali
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Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
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Have you been planning to purchase a diamond? For engagement, as an anniversary or wedding ring or any reason or even because you fancy it, purchasing loose diamonds online is indeed a wise decision. But where does one begin the process of finding an expert in this field? It is time to embark on a journey into the section of loose diamonds and examine how one can make a purchase online.

Introduction to Loose Diamonds

The other subcategory is the loose diamonds, these are diamonds which are not mounted in any form of jewelry. Such products are usually used to be installed in their own environment, which makes buyers more free for cooperation. Yet, why should you take your time to purchase them online?

Why Purchase Loose Diamonds Online?

The advancement of technology has made jewelry items, especially diamonds, available online and this is a bumper offer which you may not get when you visit a local jeweler. Buying diamonds online will afford you the opportunity to see more choices, and or, almost certainly cheaper, rates all from the comfort of your home.

The Four Cs: 

The four main quality factors of the diamond are; the cutting, the color, clarity, and; the carat weight. These are the principles that determine diamond quality and, therefore, its cost.

Setting a Budget

Loose diamonds may be purchased online, and hence before you go out shopping for such products, it will be important that you establish how much of your money you are willing to spend. Knowing the proportion of our money that is willing to spend can help in ending with a limited number of items to purchase, and, in addition, exclude the products that are not supposed to be bought at all.

Where to buy Loose Diamonds Online

You can easily purchase loose diamonds online from various reliable stores. Three companies that are highly recommended when it comes to purchasing engagement rings are Blue Nile, James Allen, and Whiteflash. With vast inventories, detailed info on the diamonds and clear, large pictures, these websites are quite useful in making a decision.

Ensuring Quality and Certification

However, when purchasing low profile diamonds that include loose diamonds you should certify by reliable bodies such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). Such certifications serve to ensure the quality of the diamond being sold and that it has not been tampered with- for the purpose of being sold a fake product for instance.

Customizing Your Jewelry

Another advantage you’re likely to get from purchasing diamonds that are not set is that you have the freedom to choose the design you wish. A person can have control on the environment of the setting to have the best appearance and design if he/she desires to have that diamond and this will make a wonderful jewel that portrays the personality of the owner.

Tips for First-Time Buyers


Diamonds and how one should approach the problem of buying a diamond should be researched on before a purchase is made. Realizing what the Four Cs are and what to seek for can lead you to make a better decision.

Compare Prices

Here, let me give you some tips not to be the first to pick the diamond. Check for the prices from one site to another tool that you are getting the best prices for.

Read Reviews

Search for reviews and ratings from other customers on the selected online retailer. This can help to know more about the company reputation and services they give to their consumers.

Advantages of Purchase through the Internet


In the end, shopping online enables you to shop online from the comfort of your home without a sales person influencing your decision or being aggressive.


Another advantage that Web based retailers have is that they usually have more selections for diamonds than physical jewelers.

Competitive Pricing

Because they have no stores, the prices offered by most online stores are usually cheaper compared to physical stores.

Comparing Prices and Options

By using the internet, you can effectively compare prices and varieties available on the market. You should follow a service that shall help you compare different diamonds from different merchants such that you make the proper decision as far as the price of the diamond is concerned.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Not Checking Certification

I advised that the diamond should always accompany a certificate from any grading laboratory.

Ignoring the Four Cs

Do not pay too much attention to carat weight. Using four Cs ensures a client gets a beautiful diamond with an ideal value in the market.

Overlooking Return Policies

Look at the existing return policy of the retailer you intend to spend money on. This helps one to take back the diamond if the one that is bought does not suit them.

How to care for you Loose Diamond

To maintain the beauty of diamonds you require to adhere to some guidelines when handling them. Wash it in a mildly acidic solution and always take it for safety inspection to ascertain that it is well fixed in its place.

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Purchasing the loose diamonds in the online stores can be fascinating as this allows people to have a wider selection and for those who want to design their own jewelry they have an opportunity to do so. Therefore, when one understands the 4 Cs, on setting a financial limit and understanding the places to look, a perfect diamond can be obtained.

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